Extended Practice idea generation 1

As of 25th February 2017

Mindmap of my ideas regarding crossplay & gender

Feedback I received from Cecil, a fellow cosplayer, was that he liked the ideas of how gender is accepted by the community, and the uproar over banning men from cosplaying as female characters etc. He also liked the focus on genderbent cosplays and how they are viewed differently within the community.

  • There’s a clear difference between the cosplay community’s views on gender exploration and over what might be referred to as “sexy genderbent” cosplays. Could be interesting gathering views on these things?

Initial Cosplay Powerpoint Presentation
Feedback from peers & tutor:

  • Music videos style photographs with flip book and headphones?
    You could make a video but take stills from it?
  • Characters with interesting gender expression, song to do with gender perhaps.
    Own thoughts: what if you did it on a transformation?
    Pidge from Voltron as a potential character – Cecil plans to cosplay them.
    – Could you show her cutting her hair for instance, with it being the cosplayer styling the wig at the same time? – Maybe some kind of mix between in-character and out-of-character shots, maintaining the same aesthetic, similar or even contrasting? But have it fit the song still.
    – Character reinventing self, cosplayer creating the character – a new character brought to life in this sense, in two different ways.
  • Feedback from Tess about Gender: saying how it’s always really interesting hearing about gender, as someone who isn’t part of the LGBTQ+ community. Everyone always seems really interested.
    – Thinks our generation don’t know as much as her younger sister’s for instance. E.g. gender neutral bathrooms introduced at her school, things like this become the norm?

This feedback did give me more ideas, but left me even more confused than before.

I spoke with my study support tutor:

  • Are there any conventions happening between now and the deadline, for if I wanted to try a documentary kind of approach? Yes:
  • Could you create a music video, but also a documentary video of the process?
    – Channel 4 take this kind of approach a lot – want to research!
    Cosplay example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3R_k9WeZM_0 
  • Doesn’t have to be a music video – could be a photoshoot, convention, or other creative outlet.

I aim to contact friends who might be interested in any ideas discussed above – both those attending the upcoming Majikkon convention, and those who aren’t.


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