Thought Bubble Convention

I had planned to try to attend for a full day, preferably Saturday, and to take many photos of cosplayers and of individuals wearing different fashions, to practice both my confidence in approaching people for photographs, in directing them and of how to photograph people and their outfits for my CoP project. I wanted to study visually how they posed, for characters or for the fashion they were wearing, in order to show off an aspect of character or of the clothing.

Unfortunately I was only able to attend the latter half of Sunday due to trying to finish my own cosplay in time, and being fatigued as a result of this and other work. But I did take photos of some attendees, and I have a collection of previous photographs of which I could refer to. Also, many of the people I am making plans with to take photographs of know of cosplay or do/have participated in it, so generally they should have an understanding of posing and posing for specific characters/outfits. I think this could be interesting to incorporate into my CoP photographs, because as talked about last week, it might be interesting to try to achieve different poses for different outfits, rather than the same standard pose. It typically doesn’t show as much expression as if the subject were to pose more extravagantly, or just in a way which let them have fun with posing and showing their outfits.

The lighting and backgrounds aren’t brilliant, and had the weather been better I would have liked to have asked some of them to come to a better location and worked with the individuals more to achieve better shots. But I also like that these were undirected by myself and that the individuals knew how they wanted to pose, which is different usually when it comes to an individual showing theirself, and I find it interesting and challenging in regards to my own project.

When I next shoot, I think I will encourage the subject to enjoy trying to pose, and suggest things such as what part of the outfit is your favourite? So is there a way you can pose to show that part particularly? Or what pose will help most of your outfit to be seen? For instance, skirts look nice being held out at the sides, in order to see their shape and pattern.


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