CoP Task: Practical Work [10.10]

  • Wanted to try taking (fairly basic for now) photographs of fellow trans friends, as an idea to explore.
  • Asked them to create outfits which expressed two different things about themselves, preferably something to do with gender.
  • Two outfits for now
  • Cecil chose what he would wear to reflect his mood: he likes his clothing to reflect this. Happy = flamboyant, quirky. Unhappy = toned down, darker colours.
  • He noted that he is a femme person in general, but that the happy outfit is more likely to reflect this than the unhappy/lazy outfit.
  • Wes chose outfits for when they feel more masculine and more feminine respectively.
  • I would enjoy exploring this process further, reaching out to more people and perhaps not mentioning gender as much to see what would result. The idea is probably more about different styles worn by an individual and what they say about them differently.
  • Also helps to demonstrate that “women’s clothing” is more expressive in terms of the different patterns and fabrics etc, as opposed to “men’s” – but also that such terms as “women’s” and “men’s” are not set and it is up to an individual what they want to wear.
  • I’d want to edit the images better
  • Use a tripod to achieve the same background, mark the floor for the model?
  • Need to decide on a background type: would like there to be the individual’s belongings potentially. Otherwise a plainer background to have the outfit stand out better, not have lighting issues like I did have during these shoots.

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