Responsive: Timetable

Due to struggling with my working methodology, I created a basic timetable with student support. From this I could see when I had time and it allowed me to move planned work around if I couldn’t complete it because of my Erasmus exchange or/and because of my sleeping pattern, which I was also struggling with a lot.

timetable feb

Really frustratingly I missed out on the Leeds Kirkgate Market heritage tour, due to my sleeping pattern. It had seemed a very good opportunity to take more photographs and the gather more research. So after this I factored in time for the next week to take photographs, which ended up being during the morning of a session, possibly Tuesday (Sessions were also re-timetabled I believe, so these had to be crossed out and rewritten too. I think this happened here when the Monday session was merged with the Tuesday sessions instead.) as David suggested I go and take the photographs so that I might have something to show later on in the crit.

Although I missed the tour, the event organisers kindly sent a copy of the powerpoint that they used, which has some very interesting history about Leeds Kirkgate Market and of other markets that Leeds has played host to over the years: below are a selection of the slides, all of which are very interesting and so I included as many as possible.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Even though the timetables never usually go according to plan,  I find them very useful to visualise my time and to help to calm myself down if I panic about the amount of time I have. They help to show me how much time I actually have, as I’ll often worry that I have hardly any time. Even if that is the case they allow me to try to plan out my time.


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