Responsive: Progression

Visuals showing the progression of my project:

The early part of my idea. I tried putting together a visual on Photoshop using the imagery I had already taken during my week in the market with everyone at the stall. I didn’t get to start experimenting with jigsaw puzzle shapes, as this became too complex for me when I got to this point, as I was finding it difficult to fill this image. The idea was to have the smaller images communicate the original scene, so the lowered opacity image of the Leeds City Markets wouldn’t be visible, but it would be hoped that the individual images once combined would communicate this instead.
I used different overlays on the layers to blend, such as overlay, soft light, screen, multiply etc, to see whether including the original scene photograph could work. But this just seemed to make the image look more crowded or busier/complex.

After a crit I was told it seemed too complex, and considering the lack of time I would have to complete it I agreed. Thus my project idea changed to create a striking visual using colour instead of this mis-match of colour, shapes and textures, to try to create a “bigger picture” physically. I could still achieve a “bigger picture” in this new way, just more abstractly, as every smaller image was of a part of the market, which when combined with the other parts of the market arguably creates a bigger picture. Both physically and more in the sense of things combined.

These were the results of the next lot of screenshots, presented at the next crit/practice pitch. It was said that the yellow/orange panel blended seamlessly, but that the pink/purple panel needed work in this area. The heart was also seen as overly cheesy, perhaps a bit over-the-top..


The idea of outlining the market building instead came up through a critique session, and thus the idea of using this as a kind of heart-rate, such as the above cardiograph.

(Individual images have individual annotations)

I also added a very slight overlay of the colours, which I took from the colour palette given to us. This helped to give the panels a bit of a more consistent colour and look to them.



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