Responsive: Market Research & Photographs

During my time in the markets, I received a few physical objects. I also bought some small bags from one of the stalls in case we needed them for anything! (They’re often sold at Asian stalls with other pretty objects)

Two of these are documented in my sketchbook, but one isn’t because I wanted to bring it with me to Slovenia…

On the Monday when we were in the markets, the first people to visit us in our stall happened to be a man and a younger person. They said how she was from Slovenia and I outburst excitedly, ‘Oh! I’m going there!’. We had a little conversation, and then they got on with doing an activity. Afterwards she approached me and gave me a little list of Slovene phrases! It was such a lovely way to start the week!


Here are some more of my photographs which I haven’t shown elsewhere. Some are a little too similar so I will show mostly different ones. (Some of these were also more out-of-focus or otherwise blurred, or had a worse composition, for instance.)

These photographs were taken on the morning of a crit, and when I came back my idea was said to be too complex, and so a lot of these I couldn’t use as I had intended; the exterior shots were to potentially use to create a new image of them using a collection of smaller photographs of objects inside the market (the rest of the photos), using their shapes, textures and colours.
It was hard to take photographs outside because of the weather, so unfortunately there are blurred lights and other blurred imagery from the rain on my camera lens.


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