CoP: Co-Design

I partnered up with Katie B.; I was the designer and she was the partner. This was a workshop to help us understand what co-design is.
The aim was to listen to Katie and get as much information as possible about her favourite food. From this, I would then work to create a quick visual to represent her and her favourite food.


I decided to focus on trying to communicate that she enjoys Italian food, particular spaghetti bolognese. I drew a little sketch and showed this to Katie, to get her feedback, and to make sure she’d be happy with it/whether she’d want to change anything. She thought it was good, so I created a larger-scale version..


Overall, the message was communicated correctly. However, I had tried to use a green pen and it had come out bluer. So the flag ended up looking like a French flag rather than an Italian flag, which ultimately made the image fail.

Nevertheless, this did help me to understand what co-design meant, especially as I was so unconfident about the workshop at the start.


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