Vis Lit: Ghost Studio Photographs

I had had much difficulty in trying to find a dark space with a black backdrop for me to take my photographs; I asked tutors, then went to the admin office to ask about whether I could use the lecture theatre (I asked what times it would be free etc).
The problem I had was that when I had my lighting induction, we were told that you could only book studios on Monday morning of that week. But when I went to do this, I found out that you could actually book a week ahead. This was very frustrating as they were all booked up for that week, the only possibilities being on Thursday before the deadline day for getting our work done for the exhibition.

Then I ran into my friend and she reminded me of the studio down at Vernon Street. So I went down to ask about whether I could use it, on the Wednesday preferably, and Madeline told me that I could during the lunch hour on either Wednesday or Thursday. So my friend travelled up on Wednesday morning and we went to use the studio that lunch time (12.30 – 1.30).

It wasn’t pitch black, but as I had found from my previous experimentations, I didn’t want it to be completely dark. I also used the same torch that I had tried to use on myself in my experimentations. I was worried it wouldn’t be strong enough, but it worked really well! It was neither too powerful nor not powerful enough. Plus I could change the camera settings accordingly.
Below are all of the images made grayscale.

Included are the photos after and prior to modifying the shadows/highlights etc as seen in the post about modifying the Bramley Baths photographs. This really helped with making the photographs better for the lightbox aspect, and also for printing in general, in order to actually see the subjects.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 16.09.43

These are the images I deemed the most successful and possible to use in my final images. They are enough in focus, with wispy parts, and they fit in the frame well, able to be moved easily from here to the photographs of the baths.

The friend who modelled for me is a fashion student based in Rotherham, and prior to the shoot I communicated the themes to them and we went over possibilities for appearance.
We tried photos with and without the wig that they brought along, and the skirt was made by them prior to the shoot in response to what we discussed about the themes (using the list I created from listening to the soundcloud clips was the most helpful, and I linked them to the clips also).

vislit soundcloud_20151210_0001


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