Vis Lit: Final Ghost Experiments

Moving forward, I took the edited Bramley Baths photographs and the edited Model photographs into Photoshop together, and I began combining them together using blend modes on the layers, the eraser tool on the edges and anywhere in particular which needed the opacity reducing.

Photoshop process screenshots

Below are the final images, which I created after the previous ones. I changed the backgrounds around by assessing which would be the most recognisable areas of the baths and which photos look the best. Thus I in the end came to the conclusion of these 3:


The middle image is the strongest, as David told me when he saw them, and I agree with him. I included the sitting photo because even though it’s in my opinion the least successful, it shows something different for the set to benefit from, as 3 similar images would have looked I felt a bit too uniform and in that sense basic. I wanted to show that I had more ability than that, so included it for this reason.

It was difficult trying to decide on the order, but in the end I chose this because the middle would be the first you’d see; the sitting then looked better at the bottom when I was adjusting the images. I did play with the idea of having the sitting pose in the centre, or having the blonde wig one in the centre, to space these out more evenly. But I felt that the set didn’t look as good that way as when the strongest was in the centre, where in the lockers the eye rests first.


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