Vis Lit: Watercolour Experiments – Photoshop

watercolour elise final

building experiment final

Two final images are pictured above.

As part of my experimentation, I conducted these watercolour-photograph experiments.

Original photographs:


Watercolour paintings I created to use as part of these experimentations:

The image created using a photograph of Elise was created following this tutorial quite closely; I modified the watercolours in photoshop to make them appear black, to use on the watercolour photograph so that the original colours of the photograph remain, but the texture is emphasised and added. Tutorial Link

The flower that I decided to cut from another photo, I duplicated and lined them up at the bottom of the image as well as the side. I rotated and enlarged a couple of these also, and made them grayscale so that they would blend similarly to the black watercolours.

However for the second experiment of the building in Barcelona, I decided to create it using the original colours and so I barely modified the watercolour scans in comparison. I did however enhance the texture on some and used different blending modes on a few, to get them to overlap in a way that harmonised with the rest of the image.

I would have liked to have experimented further, combining both of these techniques in another image. But due to time management, I decided it best to put this on hold and to only do it if I had time to. This was a good idea as I have ended up needing to spend a lot of time on aspects of Part 2 particularly.

I liked how the experiments came out. I didn’t expect them to be something that I enjoyed a huge amount but, I actually really enjoyed creating them once I got going.
It’s hard for me to decide between them as to which is the most successful; I think for the subjects, the black watercolours + colour used on Elise and the colourful watercolours only being used on the building suited them. If I had used colour only on Elise, and black + colour on the building I think it may have looked a bit odd, which is due to my time experimenting as I put the watercolours on to the images.


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