Vis Lit: Flash for Photography

flash 001

We experimented with lighting and were shown how to achieve certain effects and good lighting: here are some photos from my camera…

Through this workshop I have become more confident with using studio lighting, so I feel that if I need to use it for clean shots of subjects that I can do so! I had done this workshop last year but redoing it really helped.

Further Notes

Quadra packs lighting

Upside down flash lamps
Flash light – just flash
Hot lights – permanently on, tungsten.
Flash good for natural light
*Apple + B = colour balance

Switches: musical note beep. Tells how many lights go off.
Eye is the sensor on off, to stop more than one going off.
Up down is model light. Down is higher, up is lesser
Lightbulb – 3 modes, freemode. Can change power of flash, match the continuous light.

Make light look more relaxed, softer.
Take hood off, harsh.
Gels change colour of light

Rectangle, full length. Hexagonal, portrait.
Harsh light to side good for 3d, textured.
Portrait- triangle on one side of face, shadow around it. 45 degrees light.

Shutter speed – always lower than 1/200.

Synch leads or radios. Or infrared trigger, but can be obstructed.

Key light – back studio, see other lights to set off.
Snoot hood, halo behind head, separate from background.

ISO as low as possible
Only thing to change is aperture.
People want lower number ^ on portraits. F20 makes things sharp

Light metre, clicker thingy. Set to camera settings iso n shutter speed. Get f number from reader when flashing lights. Lighting bolt means ready.
Put on bright side of face, flash.
Lower lights to what camera f is. 6.5 for example.
Adjust key light first. Always brighter than others, adjust accordingly.

Add lights one at a time


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